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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Almost finished this blogger thing now, then gonna hand it over to mum. She’s outside working, in the heat! Don’t know why I am moaning, would rather it be like this , than raining.
That’s where mums working, sitting on the deck and selling like mad on her laptop, looking over the garden… probably babbling on the sewing forum actually :)

That's her little room! .. Wait... She wont let me call it that... Umm..

Never Forget HQ!

That's where the magic happens :)

Mind you, Busters got the right idea about the heat. "I stay under mum's legs and stay aways from that hot yellow thing"
Anyways, am leaving this too Mum now, I made it, I get first post ;) Even if it a load of gobblely
Have Fun

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