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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magpie Monday - Let them Eat Cake!

Me and My Shadow

Joining in with me and my Shadows Magpie Monday

Well this week's Magpie Monday actually started last Wednesday.  My youngest daughter had been unwell and after a long lie in, we decided we should try and venture into town.  Now before you are thinking I was dragging her around the shops, she also wanted to go to town to try and find something to wear for her 14th birthday party.

On the car journey into town, I explained to her all about Magpie Monday she was possibly not excited as me about it, but said she would come with me into the charity shops to help me decide what to buy.  We also thought this was a good time to take one very large black sack of clothes to donate.

So off we set, the nearest charity shop to our car park was  Save the Children so we donated our black sack, and as I turned to leave, I could not believe what I had seen on the shelf!

Ta Da........................................

Two beautiful glass vintage cake plates, well for those that know me, I have a passion for sewing and my other one is baking, especially cakes!  The large one was £4.50 and the small one £3.50 what bargains they were!

They look great on there own but also stack well on top of each other, like this............

Now they are not what you would call a marriage made in heaven, but to me they are fabulous and look just as good together as apart!

And we got to use the small one during Charlotte's party, doesn't it look great filled with chocolate dipped strawberries? !

The lady that served us said they had only come into the shop that morning and she could not believe that they were still there in the afternoon, I'm certainly glad they were!

We then went into one other shop and Charlotte got  these, brand new and boxed!  They were priced at £10 but the lady said she could have them for £5 as they had been in the cabinet so long!

When we got home, we checked them on the Internet and they are £20 per set so that was also a bargain, she also got a clear case and two sleeves for her ipod nano new and boxed for 50p, so I think her Eagle eyes have turned her into a Magpie in Training!

We also managed to get her party outfit, although that was not from the charity shop!

Can;t wait to see everyone else's finds!  Until next week!  Have decided if I am to keep on being a Magpie, I must also donate something every week also!  That way hopefully more will be going out of my house than coming in!

Not a jelly or ice-cream in sight!

Well our household was busy this week, not only because it was half-term and three teenagers are off, but also two family birthdays, My husband Mark and also my youngest daughter!  So lots of cooking, drinking and celebrating.

Mark's birthday meal was a no brainer,  he just loves curry!  So he had a very very hot  homemade chicken madras and the children had there much loved butter chicken.  Whilst making Marks Madras, I had run out of my favourite chilli sauce and so thankfully my brother had been in Portugal the week before and had sent me piri piri sauce, it was perfect! and I think added a whole new flavour dimension, not that I tasted any as I have been a vegetarian for over 35 years!  But Mark approved so all was well!

I made my rice in my Jamie Oliver rice cooker which is just like having another pair of hands and if rice is your Achilles heel then this is definitely worth buying!

Charlotte's Party was a whole new ball game, by my choosing may I add!  I decided that as she is growing up, a more sophisticated approach should be had, after all she was hitting the dizzy heights of 14!

So her birthday tea was home-made coated chicken with fresh salad and wraps.  (This was after they watched a movie in the lounge with the biggest bowl of popcorn I have ever made!)  I think they really like the chicken and wraps idea, I had to re-make a further  four portions!  This is all that was left when they had finished.
The puddings were  :-

Chocolate Coated Strawberries, and a  tower of treats which included lots of cupcakes, fairy cakes and lots and lots of glitter, sparkles and edible Justin Bieber's (see bottom layer of cakes!)

I also bought Charlotte the most fabulous glitter edged pink roses which she had on her table!

I was both tired and emotional at the end of the day, they all had a lovely day, but deep inside I felt a bit sad, she is growing up and although I do not miss party games, party bags and all of that jazz, such a grown up gathering brought the message home that she is now a young lady, but no matter what she will always be my baby!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm joining Magpie Monday!

Magpie Monday

Liz from the Blog Me and My Shadow started a great item entitled Magpie Monday which I think is inspiring for three reasons.  It gets more people recycling and helping charity shops, it keeps things away from land-fill and hopefully it makes us all upcylce and think more about the longevity of items we buy.

Its all about finding that thing that makes us smile, a bargain, something that we can change or just something that is usefull or beautifull to us.  Like the saying goes, one persons trash is another ones treasure!

So last week whilst in town, I remembered about Magpie Monday and whilst coming out the arcade I waved at one of my crafty friends (as in very artistic and not sly or anthing like that!).  Well he was volunteering in the YMCA shop which is on a very short lease! So I popped in to say hello and then remembered Magpie Monday.  The items I purchased were all priced up may I add so no special favours from knowing someone!  However I believe I got some real bargains!

So here is what I bought!

This is actually a pure silk tablecloth - I loved the colours and design which is very William Morris esque! it will adorn one of our small cafe tables in the garden in the summer, probably at our pary to celebrate the Royal Wedding after all it is red white and blue!  Now you will not believe what I paid for it.......................  £1.49!

My second item was a pair of Henri Lloyd Jeans which were brand new, now I have to confess I did not buy these as they were jeans (even designer ones at that!) but I bought them as I needed to make a under bust corset for a friend to wear at a fancy dress event.  I had looked at buying cotton drill, but at £9.99 /metre I thought the jeans were perfect, the fabric definately had some weight to it and it was ideal.  The jeans were also a bargain and  were £3.49.   Please Note; this item was only for fancy dress, so I was not going to be a purist about it and bone the corset or anything like that, afer all it was only going to be worn for one night.  When it came to it, I could not cut them and so instead I used a crepe skirt that was destined to go to the charity shop.

So these are going back to the chairty shop this morning!  To be sold again!

And my old skirt turned into this.................

When I drafted the pattern for the corset, my pattern drafting software asked me if I was sure about the dimensions!  Which did make me laugh, my friend is very petite! and as it was an underbust corset it only needed to be 7 inches long!   So that is my first Magpie Monday.  I have sorted out a large sack of clothes from my childrens wardrobes so when I go off on my adventures this week, with the jeans then hopefully I can find some more treasures.  Good Luck everyone else with Magpie Monday I look forward to seeing what everyone else seeks out!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

So you just Loooove Knitted things - but you just can't knit?

Like many of my fellow crafters, friends assume that because I can 'sew' then I am naturally crafty and artistic, well as much as this label makes me smile, it's actually not true.  My idea of painting resembles something on the lines of LS Lowry apart from mine would not have any of the fabulous buildings etc.  just lots of matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs!

It was with huge excitement that I found this great new concept of Knitted online
website, not only do you get to see some great new designs and also have the opportunity o buy the pattern or the product!  This way you really are getting something unique and to your own personal taste.

I love hand knitted or machine knitted items, I feel they add a very new dimension to your home. A handknitted cushion cover can lift the most dreary corner chair or sofa for very little outlay and can therefore turn a everyday item into a work of art.
The Baby Mittens are adorable and I was simply spoilt for choice with the range of scarves.

love handsLovely

It was very refreshing to see lots of new designs available and hopefully the site will grow and add new items.  Why not take a look, its inspiring!

This is a honest and personal review of site:  http://www.knittedonline.com/ I did not receive any payment or free merchandise, just simply one site trying to promote another!  I do not know or are personally related to anyone involved in the site.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Competitiion time with Rhoda Reviews!

The lovely Rhoda from Rhoda Reviews has very kindly completed a review of our ever so cute Blue Striped Hippo which was personalised with Cuddle Me.  We would of course be happy to personalise this with a message, baby name, birthdate etc and the hippo's are available in either pink or blue stripes.

So for your chance to win  one of our personalised comforters please enter the competition, there are lots of ways you can enter, so check out Rhoda's Blog and

Additional entries are available via Twitter and Facebook!  We are pleased to announce that we now offer FREE UK Delivery!

Good Luck!