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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have You Ever seen a Cheese roll down a hill?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Alan Bamber from Bamber Sewing. So what I hear your cry, well actually, it was refreshing, a pleasant experience and also great to share some time with someone else who is also passionate about customer care, selling the right product to you and all of those other 'old fashioned’ sentiments that sadly for some are only in days gone by. 

Bamber Sewing has a great family history that has stood the testament of time, they have been trading since 1946! Good old fashioned customer service is built into everyone that works there, I’m sure if you chopped their heads off, you would have customer service embroided through every one of them like a stick of Blackpool Rock! 

They have a great department that can service your machine and if you take the time to visit the website and read Mr Bamber (Senior) blog you will understand exactly what foundation this company is built on. I was in stitches reading about how he had to make a delivery on his bicycle, but you will have to read it for yourself as he can tell it far better than me! The one thing that no-one can sell to  you is ‘caring’ and they all have it in bucket loads, They will give you honest advice, sell you exactly what you do need instead of what you think you want! You cannot buy the amount of expertise they have within their workforce and the fact you are one phone-call away makes them approachable no matter where you are based and yes they ship throughout the UK and beyond.

So now you get the idea, they are possibly one of the best kept secrets in Manchester. Their range of sewing, embroidery machines knows no bounds that, with a great range of accessories and haberdashery really does make this a one shop stocks all. 

Of course, in the times of a recession and make do and mend they are now reaching out to a very new band of customers, sewing machines are coming out from under stairs, out from the lofts and getting dusted off. So go on, visit your Nan or Gran get out that sewing machine and get making! Bamber’s can help you with any sewing notions, missing parts or even if you just want to  be  sure that your machine is safe and you need that machine checking over! From patterns to buttons, thread to bobbins they will have what you need. 

If you are a bit rusty or just want to learn a new skill, then please take a look at there workshop page, for details of up and coming courses,  which of course would make the most perfect Christmas Gift!

I personally love the range of Madeira Threads which I think are the best in the market, no thread breaks and a lovely sheen that makes everything you embroider simply look stunning!

So lets get started, with a great competition as  they have offered a perfect gift for one lucky winner. How would you like a sewing basket filled with all of those important essentials! 

So we now want to spread some sewing love, and the lovely folks at Bamber's  Sewing are giving away a fabulous sewing basket filled with all of those lovely things you will need to get your sewing mojo back! this prize is worth over £45 so how great will that be!

Its easy to enter, please view there facebook page  You do not have to like it, but of course we would love you to do that if you want to! so, go and look at the website and see exactly what you do like about it and of course if you want to get details of special offers then please do sign up to there newsletter

You will have one entry for any of the responses that you have said you like,  , one additional entry on Twitter and one for any retweet and one if you sign up to there newslettter!  So lots of opportunities to enter and win! If you enter via twitter, please respond with your Twitter ID, please leave your Id on the blog, say how you have entered and don’t forget to leave any comments on Facebook, I know that Alan and The Team would love to hear from your all! To comply with Facebook rules, you do not have sign upto Facebook to enter the competition, or like any of the pages to enter, we want as many entries as possible, so just leave your comments on this blog or an of the other ways to enter.

So leave your comments below to advise how and where you have entered and don't forget to go and say Hi to the team over on Facebook!

The winner will be chosen on 17th December by random .org so you can be sure to have the prize in time for Christmas! Enjoy, and Good Luck!

Oh,  I nearly forgot, about that cheese rolling down a hill, I dare you not to have a chuckle when you read this!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paint Pot or Bunting?

You know how sometimes, you just need to brighten up a room, or perhaps have a special 'calm' place to sit and read. Well we can't always race off with the paint pot and brighten up that special place can we?

So my immediate and perfect answer is this years 'next best thing' bunting!
Its cheap, effective and can easily be put up or down.

Immediate uses that come to mind are:

  • Birthday parties
  • Garden parties
  • Children's bedrooms
  • Perfect in a shabby chic kitchen
  • Great to dress a sale table at craft fairs

So if you can't sew won't sew,  how do you find such swathes of loveliness to adorn your special place? 

Well how about looking at Creative Stitching who do some great bunting and guess what some of it is in the SALE!!!

on adjacent flags is now only £5.00/set!

One for the girls

Wouldn't that look great if you sold strawberries at markets or from your garden?

There are just so many to choose from, so why not go and take a look.

Bunting is the way to go and not a paint brush in sight!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you a Natural Beauty?

With two teenage daughters, I was very worried that when they started using make-up I would see girls with make up plastered all over them, plus that our bank balance would be hit with lots of 'mistakes'.

My girls are very different, one a very girlie girl and one who does not wear 'make-up' in the true sense of the word.  So how do you combat such different tastes?

My eldest would never walk into a store and take a look and test etc, but I was still aware that she would  need to look after her skin and be able to combat teenage spots etc.  So, thank goodness for the Internet and this fabulous site,  Lilys Perfumery

We can all now sit and browse the site at our leisure in the comfort of our own home and have that very exciting moment, when our lovely postman Dave brings our very gorgeous packaged goodies.

Now please humour me and let me share with you some of our favourite buys and why!

This is the fabulous Gale Hayman lipstick barely there.  It does exactly what it says on the tin, the colour I think is perfect for every skin tone and just gives your lips that luscious sun kissed look.  I actually bought this for myself, but funnily enough it seems to have jumped into my youngest's make up bag! The casing is fab too, with the signature Gale Hayman leopard print at the top of the case, if you have never tried Gale Hayman before, I think this is a definate make-up bag staple!

My must have, never will be without it,  is.........

This is amazing price, I first bought this on holiday in Miami, and it certainly had a Miami inspired price tag to go with it!  So I'm thrilled to be able to get it delivered to my door at such a fabulous price. The compact with the mirror is fabulous and the brush is great, I use it as a blush and just to brighten and lift without  having that too much make up on feel.

Ed hardy inspired, not only looks good but is iconic and timeless and a great funky set for teenagers or those young at heart!  I wish they had these when I was younger!  Would make a great birthday gift or well done in your exams present.  it is fully loaded with all of any girls must haves:-

  • 6 Eye Shadows
  • 3 Lip Colours (7g)
  • 1 Bronzer (8.5g)
  • 1 Solid Perfume: Love Kills Slowly
  • 1 Solid Perfume: Love & Luck
  • 1 Lip brush
  • 1 Eyeshadow brush
  • 1 Blusher Brush
And finally just to indulge myself, for those like me that sometimes get it 'wrong' for those hard to buy for people in your life, then please take a look at;

Mens Fragrances - Womens Perfume and of course who does not like to receive a Gift Voucher !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So you think Social Networking is boring? ................ Think Again!

So you have a blog, you dip into Facebook , Twitter and Linked in and now you just sit and wait, and with a wing and a prayer you will have that Eureka moment and millions of followers!  Well, actually No it's just not like that, more or a case of what you put in, you will hopefully get out.

Like all Social Networking platforms, they all have there place and you need to 'pitch' what you are doing in a interesting and informative way, but how do you keep up with trends, what's the next 'best thing' and mingle amongst like minded people?

Well there is one site, that will grab you by your boot laces, have you marching for England! (and Scotland, and Wales and overseas!).  Ladies and Gents, let me me introduce you to SEND IN THE TROOPS! which strangely enough is not political, nothing to do with war or such like but a Fabulous site that empowers you to help each other.

So for a quick how to, pop over to the main page and look in the notes section for how to join (simply hit like !) how to march! you will then join other FB peeps and march together, and more importantly how to get marched on!

If you are marching, the 'SARGE' will advise which page you have to march onto, you like it leave a comment, and hopefully all likes get returned.  If you are chosen to be marched on then you can expect at least 200+ more likes overnight!

Now this is not for the feint hearted, Sarge runs a type squad and if you Can't keep up, you can go back and find the sites you missed, a list is always put up after each march.

Some quick top tips!  Keep your comments current, do not paste the same comment on each link as FB will see this as spamming!  Always sign in from your personal page and leave the likes/comments from your business page.

Now some facts:-
  • Send in the Troops is just over 3 months old and has over 8,600 followers!
  • Its empowering, you can meet and greet like minded people and share info etc.
  • If you want to know who can supply something, imagine having over 8,000 people that can help you!
  • It is actually great FUN!
  • It's one of the fastest growing, professional networking sites that is FREE!
So go, on join the Troops, dust off your Jimmy Choos ! get on that lipgloss and get marching!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its half term again!

Well we all have that feeling as busy Mums/Dads don;t we, Yes the upside is that its great as no school runs, so its easier to get around and its lovely to have your children at home. However most of us have only just recovered from the recent Bank Holidays and the extra one for the Royal Wedding.

The other un-certain thing is the weather !  Fabulous if we have loads of sunshine, but what do you do, if it is raining.  When my three were small, I had a 'making table' which they loved.  it was always set up, covered with a wipe down vinyl tablecloth and full of wondrous goodies! To be hones, I had just as much fun as them, as I would always make myself available to be 'creative' with them.
I mean, you always love glitter and bling, after all a girl can never have too much bling! and actually the boys enjoyed it too!  So how can you create a good making table?

My top tips would be to buy some basic items, but first and foremost that wipe down vinyl tablecloth, after all, you know in all the chaos things will get knocked over and spilt and pva glue always manages to get everywhere!

So once you have your table and a cover, lets think of what to put on it!  One of the first making things you can do is to make some storage container, now I don't want you to go out and buy them, I don;t even want you to use your best Tupperware!  Make them, empty ice cream cartons, butter cartons etc and decorate them! Now lets have some ideas for the type of things you can put on your 'making table'

Well I think tissue paper is always a good start! its colourful, tactile, can make fab flowers and the like and sounds great when scrunched up.

Now whilst I have my health and safety hat on, always use children's scissors after all, you do not want your kitchen scissors to disappear but more to the point you must make sure that small hands are sensible with scissors!

Pipe cleaners are great too, so many things you can made and do, and because you can bend them and make something, then tomorrow your fabulous cat could become a little cute dog!

And of course lets not forget the GLITTER! after all it has to be done, and children love all that sprinkling and mixing colour!

So with Fathers Day fast approaching, make it more personal and get the children to make cards, much more fun and it will keep them entertained!

We would love to see what you make and create! 

Also remember to display there artwork in the kitchen or on a wall, encouragement goes a long way!

For more ideas for more items to add to your making table, why not visit Rainbow Creations who can offer a great choice at good value and all delivered safely to your door!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, just happy to spread the word on a good reliable web site.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue spots - Just for a change!

Me and My Shadow
Magpie Monday!
Please join in!

Now I have to confess that I love all things spotty and dotty!  Especially Pink! which seems to adorn all manner of things in my craft room, trays, cups, table covers............ need I go on.

So I was a bit lapse last week with regard to Magpie Monday due to the children being off and having a busy time with customer orders etc so I was very pleasantly surprised when I managed to find time to visit the local car boot on Saturday morning.

I went to see the lovely man that sells fresh vegetables, at low prices but high quality.  As I turned around with my over sized cauliflowers and bags bulging with cooking apples and rhubarb, I saw this...........

It is actually a white spotted blue roman blind. Its actually a lovely pale blue (the picture does not do it justice) and it is about 4 feet wide by about 10 feet drop.   The fabric is upholstery quality and it is lined.   Sadly it will be cannibalised and the rods given to a friend who makes blinds, the Fabric will be made into pockets for my new range of children's aprons, so as soon as I have made one I will photograph it and post for you all to see, it will not be this week sadly as I have rather a lot of other things to do first!

My blind cost 50p  which was an absolute bargain, I gave the lady a £1 and said I did not want the change, but she insisted on giving it to me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Tisket A Tasket, I love my Pink Gingham Baby Basket!

This is the latest of the baby baskets to leave Never Forget.

This was an order for a small basket, which as normal is lined with pink checked gingham and edged with broderie anglaise.   The basket is finished off with pink ribbons.  Once all of the bespoke baby items are placed inside, it is wrapped in cellophane and finished off with a personalised ribbon which also has the baby's name and birth date!

Inside the basket we placed at the customers request:-

A Pink Teddy Baby comforter edged with satin and satin backed.

Gorgeous frilled baby socks in a voile pouch and bottom of socks have Little on one foot and Angel on the other! for that real Awwwwww factor!

a pink spotted personalised baby blanket which was personalised with baby's name and finished off with a pink spotted bow!

A personalised baby bib with our lovely honey coloured bear with pinks scarf and personalised with baby's name and edged in pink and white gingham bias binding!

A personalised card showing name and baby's birth date a great keepsake for years to come!

And this is the basket complete with personalised ribbon and finished off with cellophane prior to being delivered!

I love making bespoke baby baskets and I know that the new mums love to receive them!

Curtains, Sheets and more Sheets

Me and My Shadow
Magpie Monday,
click to join in!

Well this will be a bit of a 'hurried'  Magpie Monday, on account of three children being off school, orders to get out, washing, ironing and deliveries to do!

My finds this week really are a blast from the past!

So from the top, we have a double pair of brand new candy striped sheets, just like I had on my bed as a child!

In the middle a lovely pair of heavy weight navy gingham curtains.

At the bottom a brand new double vintage bed sheet.

Now those that know me well, will know that none of them will end up as they were originally meant too!

As soon as I have a 'free sewing day' I will start creating.

Could not believe  that both sheet sets were brand new! and perfectly 'vintage'

I paid £6 for the striped sheets (two of them - double size)

£6.25 for the gingham curtains

and £5.99 for the vintage floral double sheet (only one of them but I have a great idea of what they will become!)

Will post pics at a later time to show what happened to them all.

Good Luck everyone and happy hunting!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Competition Time £50, £20 and £10 Never Forget Vouchers to be won!

Hi everyone,

Well to-date this is the biggest single competition I have done myself!

So how do you enter? -  Well its simples!

Please can you write on your blog about Never Forget,  and feature something from our site and then send me the  link back to your blog, or link back on my Facebook page, or share on Twitter your blog/review etc.  If you do not have a blog them please review a product on Facebook or share a link on Twitter and of course additional entries by re-tweeting or signing up to my blog or liking my facebook page.

You can review a recent purchase, review a product create a wish list, what ever  and how ever your creativity takes you.

You must link your article back to me on either of the following links:



Please include the following text on Twitter:

I'm entering @neverforgetcouk comp to win £50, £20 or £10 vouchers

We will close the competition during the first week of May and we will choose a winner from each of the three entries above.

Good Luck and have Fun - If you are stuck for ideas how about just writing about your favourite item, what you would like most, what items you would buy if you won the top prize of £50 vouchers or anything else that takes your fancy!

Please include the following text on Twitter:
I'm entering @neverforgetcouk comp to win £50, £20 or £10 vouchers

Monday, April 4, 2011

A quick coffee or Twelve! - Magpie Monday

Linking up with Miss Lizzie's Magpie Monday

Well here are again, I have actually just collected this weeks find! As it came from the internet and was fairly local.

Excited does not even come close, I could hardly believe it when I saw it and was aghast at what I paid.

In my craft room, I like to offer visitors cups or tea or coffee, now my tea cups are lovely Worcester porcelain on the other hand my coffee cups are pink and white spotted from Argos, very lovely and match all of the other spotty things in my room, but hardly a statement piece.

So imagine how excited I am to now be the proud owner of a 15 piece Liberty of London Coffee Set!

12 cups and saucers, cream jug and sugar bowl  and a coffee pot! All unused and perfect!

Beauvais pattern Mason's Ironstone coffee set made exclusively for Liberty's of London. 1989.

Coffee jug 10 inches to top of lid. 12 cups and saucers. Cream jug and sugar bowl. The coffee cups are the size of espresso cups which is great as lots of my friends drink espresso.

Bargain of the year I think !

Anyone for coffee?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This is not just any waistcoat, this is a handmade, designed by Jacaranda waistcoat............

When we think of our wardrobe and what we have in it, I bet like me over 50% of your present wardrobe is not worn (now come on be honest!!!!).

As a dressmaker and someone that can sew, I suppose my wardrobe should be right and correct, but like most people, I'm good at providing for others but not so good at sorting out myself.  So apart from the odd spat of wardrobe weeding when I feel virtuous and a trip to charity shops beckons, I suppose like most I really do need to sort this out.

So if you think of a 'capsule wardrobe', say perhaps 12 items could you do it?  Mine would be smart evening trousers, a lightweight jacket or cardigan, two shirts, two t shirts a pair of casual trousers one skirt two dresses,   a jumper, a coat and a waistcoat  Yes you heard right a waistcoat.

Waistcoats are timeless, yet so useful, they can be mixed and matched, used to make a statement or quite simply turn a simple casual outfit into something classic.

Now I'm not talking about a gilet or a denim waistcoat (don;t get me started on denim waistcoats!) I'm talking about a classic timeless piece of tailoring.  Now please don' t all run off to re-mortgage your house.  Yes you can go to the extreme and really buy a timeless piece of tailoring say from Saville Row but you can also find some fabulous handmade one off creations on the Internet and you just need to look to find them.

A waistcoat is a statement piece, it should say a lot about you, Look at Me, I feel bright and Happy, I love to look classic, I'm fun and frivolous, whatever the statement, your clothes should reflect you.

So please take a look at Jacaranda a great site which has some amazing waistcoats, here are a few that I love :-

This Liberty Tree of  Life design is really a classic, not only in design but fabric. It has classic navy lining and would be great over jeans, perfect with a skirt and could easily be dressed up or down.

This gold and black thread waistcoat really is timeless, imagine this with your favourite evening skirt or palazzo trousers.  Wouldn't this be stunning for a cruise or a special birthday! You can even choose your style of buttons, gold roses or black/gold enamel!

And my final favourite to indulge you with is this William Morris Esq inspired fabric (who incidentally is one of my favourite designers!)

The care and attention to detail is fabulous, look how the poppies have been matched, now that really is tailoring at its best.

So go on, indulge yourself, add a classic piece of tailoring to your wardrobe (capsule or not!) and just see how many more items you can wear.

To be inspired or to buy please take a look at the other waistcoats available at Jacaranda, just follow this link

I would love you to comment on your favourite and to share on FB and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but just one person who loves to sew, praising the work of another artisan.  Thank You.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Are you one in Four?

Did you know that one in four ladies in the UK are a size 18 or over!  Well its a fact!  And that almost 40% of the female population wear size 16.  (Info taken from Models of Diversity).

So with so many more curvy ladies (me being in the one in four brigade!) I was pleased to find select 16 plus a great website who not only supplies but celebrates the more curvaceous ladies!

I was fed up of trawling the high street  to be pushed into a minuscule changing room to find that actually the size on the hanger was not what I was trying on.  Then on the other hand,  I've never much liked the look of wearing my Grans curtains.  Yes I am curvy - but I'm also a Mum, Wife and actually I like to be smart and trendy!

They supply from a size 16 - 36 and cover Gothic, young, smart, modern, casual, dressy  so really items for any occasion.  I love there dresses  and think that everyone should have a maxi dress in the wardrobe, great for that summer Bar-b-Que and perfect to dress up for a night out.

Also a Shrug is the great accessory to bring life something in your wardrobe it can lift the colour or just add a whole new dimension.

If like me you love to be snugly in your pyjamas then they also have a great range.

So why not celebrate your curves and take a look!

Select16 Plus

This is not a sponsored post, just shouting loud and proud about being curvy and hopefully getting more people to feel the same.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A blast from the Past!

As part of Magpie Monday by the lovely Miss Lizzie at Me and My Shadow Blog spot Fame I managed to find this fabulous blast from the past two weeks ago, however things have been quite hectic so apologies for a late posting.

Now I am of that certain age when at school I studied RSA Typing and Office Practice so whilst at the charity shop, I spotted this at the back on the window, I never thought it would be for sale !......................  it was FANTASTIC!

Its not top or the range or so retro that I would covet it, but it simply fantastic for one off address labels and for making retro styled pricing labels for my items, complete with case and two spare ribbons and two spare eraser ribbons it was a Bargain!

Yes I can use my PC and printer for labels, but there is a certain charm of hearing the keys hit the daisy wheel and type away.

I am sure when the novelty wears off or if its gets in my way, it will find a new home when I take it back, but for now it stays!

At £5 it was worth every penny and just the retro feeling was worth it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magpie Monday - Let them Eat Cake!

Me and My Shadow

Joining in with me and my Shadows Magpie Monday

Well this week's Magpie Monday actually started last Wednesday.  My youngest daughter had been unwell and after a long lie in, we decided we should try and venture into town.  Now before you are thinking I was dragging her around the shops, she also wanted to go to town to try and find something to wear for her 14th birthday party.

On the car journey into town, I explained to her all about Magpie Monday she was possibly not excited as me about it, but said she would come with me into the charity shops to help me decide what to buy.  We also thought this was a good time to take one very large black sack of clothes to donate.

So off we set, the nearest charity shop to our car park was  Save the Children so we donated our black sack, and as I turned to leave, I could not believe what I had seen on the shelf!

Ta Da........................................

Two beautiful glass vintage cake plates, well for those that know me, I have a passion for sewing and my other one is baking, especially cakes!  The large one was £4.50 and the small one £3.50 what bargains they were!

They look great on there own but also stack well on top of each other, like this............

Now they are not what you would call a marriage made in heaven, but to me they are fabulous and look just as good together as apart!

And we got to use the small one during Charlotte's party, doesn't it look great filled with chocolate dipped strawberries? !

The lady that served us said they had only come into the shop that morning and she could not believe that they were still there in the afternoon, I'm certainly glad they were!

We then went into one other shop and Charlotte got  these, brand new and boxed!  They were priced at £10 but the lady said she could have them for £5 as they had been in the cabinet so long!

When we got home, we checked them on the Internet and they are £20 per set so that was also a bargain, she also got a clear case and two sleeves for her ipod nano new and boxed for 50p, so I think her Eagle eyes have turned her into a Magpie in Training!

We also managed to get her party outfit, although that was not from the charity shop!

Can;t wait to see everyone else's finds!  Until next week!  Have decided if I am to keep on being a Magpie, I must also donate something every week also!  That way hopefully more will be going out of my house than coming in!

Not a jelly or ice-cream in sight!

Well our household was busy this week, not only because it was half-term and three teenagers are off, but also two family birthdays, My husband Mark and also my youngest daughter!  So lots of cooking, drinking and celebrating.

Mark's birthday meal was a no brainer,  he just loves curry!  So he had a very very hot  homemade chicken madras and the children had there much loved butter chicken.  Whilst making Marks Madras, I had run out of my favourite chilli sauce and so thankfully my brother had been in Portugal the week before and had sent me piri piri sauce, it was perfect! and I think added a whole new flavour dimension, not that I tasted any as I have been a vegetarian for over 35 years!  But Mark approved so all was well!

I made my rice in my Jamie Oliver rice cooker which is just like having another pair of hands and if rice is your Achilles heel then this is definitely worth buying!

Charlotte's Party was a whole new ball game, by my choosing may I add!  I decided that as she is growing up, a more sophisticated approach should be had, after all she was hitting the dizzy heights of 14!

So her birthday tea was home-made coated chicken with fresh salad and wraps.  (This was after they watched a movie in the lounge with the biggest bowl of popcorn I have ever made!)  I think they really like the chicken and wraps idea, I had to re-make a further  four portions!  This is all that was left when they had finished.
The puddings were  :-

Chocolate Coated Strawberries, and a  tower of treats which included lots of cupcakes, fairy cakes and lots and lots of glitter, sparkles and edible Justin Bieber's (see bottom layer of cakes!)

I also bought Charlotte the most fabulous glitter edged pink roses which she had on her table!

I was both tired and emotional at the end of the day, they all had a lovely day, but deep inside I felt a bit sad, she is growing up and although I do not miss party games, party bags and all of that jazz, such a grown up gathering brought the message home that she is now a young lady, but no matter what she will always be my baby!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm joining Magpie Monday!

Magpie Monday

Liz from the Blog Me and My Shadow started a great item entitled Magpie Monday which I think is inspiring for three reasons.  It gets more people recycling and helping charity shops, it keeps things away from land-fill and hopefully it makes us all upcylce and think more about the longevity of items we buy.

Its all about finding that thing that makes us smile, a bargain, something that we can change or just something that is usefull or beautifull to us.  Like the saying goes, one persons trash is another ones treasure!

So last week whilst in town, I remembered about Magpie Monday and whilst coming out the arcade I waved at one of my crafty friends (as in very artistic and not sly or anthing like that!).  Well he was volunteering in the YMCA shop which is on a very short lease! So I popped in to say hello and then remembered Magpie Monday.  The items I purchased were all priced up may I add so no special favours from knowing someone!  However I believe I got some real bargains!

So here is what I bought!

This is actually a pure silk tablecloth - I loved the colours and design which is very William Morris esque! it will adorn one of our small cafe tables in the garden in the summer, probably at our pary to celebrate the Royal Wedding after all it is red white and blue!  Now you will not believe what I paid for it.......................  £1.49!

My second item was a pair of Henri Lloyd Jeans which were brand new, now I have to confess I did not buy these as they were jeans (even designer ones at that!) but I bought them as I needed to make a under bust corset for a friend to wear at a fancy dress event.  I had looked at buying cotton drill, but at £9.99 /metre I thought the jeans were perfect, the fabric definately had some weight to it and it was ideal.  The jeans were also a bargain and  were £3.49.   Please Note; this item was only for fancy dress, so I was not going to be a purist about it and bone the corset or anything like that, afer all it was only going to be worn for one night.  When it came to it, I could not cut them and so instead I used a crepe skirt that was destined to go to the charity shop.

So these are going back to the chairty shop this morning!  To be sold again!

And my old skirt turned into this.................

When I drafted the pattern for the corset, my pattern drafting software asked me if I was sure about the dimensions!  Which did make me laugh, my friend is very petite! and as it was an underbust corset it only needed to be 7 inches long!   So that is my first Magpie Monday.  I have sorted out a large sack of clothes from my childrens wardrobes so when I go off on my adventures this week, with the jeans then hopefully I can find some more treasures.  Good Luck everyone else with Magpie Monday I look forward to seeing what everyone else seeks out!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

So you just Loooove Knitted things - but you just can't knit?

Like many of my fellow crafters, friends assume that because I can 'sew' then I am naturally crafty and artistic, well as much as this label makes me smile, it's actually not true.  My idea of painting resembles something on the lines of LS Lowry apart from mine would not have any of the fabulous buildings etc.  just lots of matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs!

It was with huge excitement that I found this great new concept of Knitted online
website, not only do you get to see some great new designs and also have the opportunity o buy the pattern or the product!  This way you really are getting something unique and to your own personal taste.

I love hand knitted or machine knitted items, I feel they add a very new dimension to your home. A handknitted cushion cover can lift the most dreary corner chair or sofa for very little outlay and can therefore turn a everyday item into a work of art.
The Baby Mittens are adorable and I was simply spoilt for choice with the range of scarves.

love handsLovely

It was very refreshing to see lots of new designs available and hopefully the site will grow and add new items.  Why not take a look, its inspiring!

This is a honest and personal review of site:  http://www.knittedonline.com/ I did not receive any payment or free merchandise, just simply one site trying to promote another!  I do not know or are personally related to anyone involved in the site.