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Monday, March 28, 2011

A blast from the Past!

As part of Magpie Monday by the lovely Miss Lizzie at Me and My Shadow Blog spot Fame I managed to find this fabulous blast from the past two weeks ago, however things have been quite hectic so apologies for a late posting.

Now I am of that certain age when at school I studied RSA Typing and Office Practice so whilst at the charity shop, I spotted this at the back on the window, I never thought it would be for sale !......................  it was FANTASTIC!

Its not top or the range or so retro that I would covet it, but it simply fantastic for one off address labels and for making retro styled pricing labels for my items, complete with case and two spare ribbons and two spare eraser ribbons it was a Bargain!

Yes I can use my PC and printer for labels, but there is a certain charm of hearing the keys hit the daisy wheel and type away.

I am sure when the novelty wears off or if its gets in my way, it will find a new home when I take it back, but for now it stays!

At £5 it was worth every penny and just the retro feeling was worth it.