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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to school essentials

Well we are now in the midst of the fabulous summer holidays, but please do not leave it to the last minute for all of those back to school essentials!

Remember, the holidays will fly by and you will wonder where the time went just like your melted ice cream cone.

So be organised, write a list and keep it with you when you are shopping either on-line or at the shops.

If you have little ones that are going to school for the first time, get them involved, help them choose things like PE bags, lunch boxes etc. Remember, you may also be very scared and not want to let them go, but make it fun for both of you.

Some things to help you on your way!

  • Uniform - keep the school list with you and shop around, most high street stores will offer deals so make sure you get the best value!

  • Shoes - try to leave these till last, it is amazing how much there feet will grow in the summer holidays! Don;t forget pe plimsolls if they are also needed.

  • Pencil case and contents.

  • PE Kit.

  • Book Bags

  • Lunch box and beaker (insulated if possible!)

  • A pack away rain jacket great in September when it is not cold enough for a winter coat but they may be caught in showers! These are also small enough to fit into there bag.

  • Name tags, sew in ones are best remember if they lose a jumper it you have your childs name in it - hopefully it will come back to you.

Above all enjoy this special time and talk to you children about the start of this new adventure!

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  1. A useful list, Ellie, and a timely reminder to prevent a last minute rush.