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Saturday, March 31, 2012

As mad as a box of Frogs!

For Mothers Day, Mark's Mum had asked if she could have a new set of towels for her bathroom, now that's a simple request isn;t it?  Yes you would think I could go to the shop and buy her lovely new fluffy towels, no not at all.  Marks Mum is mad on............... FROGS!

Now the last set I made for her had frogs embroided onto them, and I think they may be about 7 years old now! So new frog towels were on the Agenda.

I found a great appliqué pattern and delved into my fabric stash as I knew I would want them to be speckled frogs!
So take some towels.... and lets begin.
Now you can appliqué by cutting out your shapes and machine sewing, but for those that know me, I love embroidering so my appliqué will all be done in the hoop on my embroidery machine!

So hoop you first towel and then stitch out the first colour which will be the outline for your first fabric!

Now remove your hoop from the machine, but DO NOT un-hoop.  Using curved edged embroidery or appliqué scissors to cut as close to the sewing line as you can without cutting into the stitches.

It will now look like this:-
Now place back into your machine and carry on with the next colour of embroidery, this will now appliqué around the shape.

Carry on with your chosen design and follow the colour changes and instructions.

Next we have to embroider the shape for the next piece of fabric.
Remove your hoop as before but do not un hoop and trim to the sewing line.  Place back in machine to embroider the next colour.
Lets put a smile on this frogs face.....
And some eyes so he can see!
Hand towel and face cloth finished.

bath sheet
The finished gift!
Oh and she loved it!

You don't need to have a embroidery machine to appliqué - you can cut up your shapes and either hand stitch or use a machine to zig zag around the edges! Have Fun.

The Frog applique design was from five star fonts and can be found here! http://fivestarfonts.com/applique-fonts/frog-applique-monogram/prod_858.html


  1. They look wonderful! Really professional and I am sure she will love them.

  2. Thanks Glenda, yes she loved them! xx

  3. I'm useless at anything like this as I'm disabled with Fibromyalgia. Have you considered making such as these to sell? I've ALWAYS been frog mad since a child, as is my daughter and my new married name just happens to be Froggatt.
    I'd love towels like this and indeed, anything embroidered with Frogs. If you consider selling any please reply as I've subscribed xx Lyn PS I'm in the UK but happy to pay shipping from wherever you are.

  4. HI Lyn apologies I have only today saw this comment. and Yes I can make them to order - so sorry I missed it for so long.