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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diets, Gym, Slimming Programmes and now BOOT CAMP!

As many of you know this year I have a milestone Birthday.  Which I am embracing and looking forward to this  new chapter of my life. Now I'm not quite ready to sign up to SAGA magazine (although some of their discounts may be worthwhile!).  I have in the past tried every diet gong an adapted them to my food intolerances, I have joined and left every type of slimming club (and lost weight at every one of them!) and been a member of most Bedford Gyms which turned out to be the most expensive showers I have ever taken! All of them were a 'trial' and none of them actually 'clicked' with me. Surely there has to be something else?

At this time in my life I would like to think that I have grown into my body and I know to much of it is racing South and also I am FAT - Yes there I have said it I am F A T , I'm not cuddly, curvy or slightly overweight, I am FAT.  My weight did not go on in one go, it went on gradually, it went on after both my second and third children, it went on by attending endless breakfast meetings for work, too much 'entertaining' and rather fabulously far too much Champagne which is my one weakness in life!

Compared to most, I actually do eat healthy - I have been a vegetarian for 37 years and yes much to my children's horror I do buy 'organic' !  So what are my downfalls well they are easy it comes down to just 4 things!!!

  1.   I don't exercise - walking Buster around the block is hardly breaking into a sweat is it?
  2.   I drink too much (yes chilled champagne or Prosecco or anything cold and bubbly is my weakness)!
  3.   I snack between meals.
  4.   I serve too big portions.

So my plan to counter re-act the above is as follows: (Doing these in reverse order!)

  1. Portion control will be on the Agenda, and I will go back to eating only when I an hungry and not because its 'there'!
  2. I will have a drink at the weekend if I feel like it but weekdays it will be slim line tonic in a champagne glass!
  3. Going to make fruit salad up and leave in the fridge, this will be my 'snack' and have a constantly full fruit bow! 
  4. Exercise - I have joined BOOT CAMP (please read below for my first experience)

My lovely neighbour Nikki attends a boot camp and she mentioned that I should go - well we kept in touch with Facebook and she told me that the starter session was this week !!!!!!!  EEEk I had committed and I was terrified!  

Now I had seen her posts about long runs, running around Bedford Park and just the name BOOT CAMP. 
So what I thought was I going to would be running around a park with a bunch of ladies in army gear!  What I actually got was a warm welcome in a school playground.  The only 'equipment' I needed was comfortable clothing, my trainers, a mat to work on and a bottle of water. 

The warm up was great and the exercises 'challenging' but doable and Camille who runs the camp firm but fair! She was attentive to the newbies and encouraged us to just do  'one' more when she could see us flagging, but also told us to do just what we could. My body was put into positions that it has never gone before, I attempted exercises that I have never even seen before. The class was a mixed class with all shapes sizes and ages all with one common goal to have fun and get fit.  It was like no other exercise regime I have ever taken part in. It was great to be outside - great to be encouraged by everyone and I loved the fact that each exercise was in small bursts with a even shorter catch up time before the next one, but above all it actually was FUN! The cool down was good and I could still stand up at the end of it!  I went there looking like a umpa lumpa from Charley and the Chocolate Factory and returned home with a face as purple as Violet - it can only get better ! 

The next morning I ached, was stiff but still felt exhilarated, will I join, will I go back, YES of course I will, the hardest part of it all was actually going to the first meeting but once I was there it was great.  For details on Five Star Fitness Camp take a look here for Facebook or here for the You Tube Video and the website!

So I will keep you posted, I am back again this evening for the second session.  Onwards and upwards.  if I can do it then anyone can do it - I actually think I am definitely the most unfit person there - and if I am honest this is my first real exercise in FOUR years !  so Camille, you have your work cut out, oh and for those that think they are too old..... I will be 50 this year, for those with health problems, I am severely asthmatic (not helped by my extra weight!) and for those that just make excuses, give it a go, the taster sessions are FREE and you can then make your mind up!  So I still may be fat at Fifty (as my birthday is very soon - but I will be FITTER and slimmer by the end of my 50th year ! I know with everyone's encouragement I will do this. xx  I will take before and after pictures on my journey! Oh and write the odd blog along the way!


  1. i'm off on a whole weekend of boot camp this weekend. what have i let myself in for! go you for doing it as i'm in need of a change of pants just thinking about it! x

  2. Well Done ! have a FAB time ! Hope you love it! xxx

  3. Very inspiring post Ellie, best of luck with your plan. I'm just into the second week of a diet and as much as I'm craving chocolate I do feel a lot better without it (no more heartburn) so hopefully I'll stick with it this time.

    Good luck

  4. Well Done Fiona! one day at a time and you will be great! I'm now going on the tack of its now or never !!!!