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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life changing moments....

Yes it really is 2.42 am and once again, I cannot sleep.  I haven't posted for a while partly because its been very busy and I had a series of close family and friends berievments and partly because I am rubbish at blogging!

I was involved in a car crash four weeks ago, not our fault I may add, but none the less scary as two of my chidlren were in the car (which has now gone to car heaven as it was a right off!).  My insurance company have been brilliant and I an making a very slow recovery.   My children seemed to have bounced back quicker than me and as my son keeps reminding me that is because I am 'old'.

It sometimes takes these 'life changing' moments to bring us back to earth with a bump (no pun intended!).  I have been overwhelmed with the amount of help we have been offered, and my family, friends and neighbours  have been amazing.  Some days I just could not walk or stand up, but the house just carried on, yes probably the washing wasn't folded how I fold it, the table was cleaned how I cleaned it etc and so on...  but had I not have been unable to do these tasks myself then I think I would have continued being uber critical about the 'small things'  However in the whole scheme of things...... Does it matter? and my conclusion is no it doesn;t!

What matters is that we have a house to clean, we have kids that make a mes and enjoy their howm so that it needs to be cleaned and that between us we do actually clean it.  Now the  cleaning example thing is not that I am super houseproud its just an example of the little things that we take for granted.

I think my accident has made me more tollerant of others who live in the same space, my husband, the children and the dog,  its made me appreciate what I have and not take things for granted. 

So I guess my life changing moment, changed quite a lot for me,  it also once again reminded me of our own mortality. Which in turn makes me feel life is for the living and the giving, so as I continue to make steady progress, I will try and not waste the opportunities that come along, embrace the joys and spend much more quality time with my children and husband who on the bad days have sat on the edge of my bead, made me endless cups of tea and chatted and been there.  Not because I asked them to, just becuase they wanted to.

So please don;t wait for your life changing moment, we shouldn't need one, what we actually need to do is just open our eyes to see what we really have got !

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