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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dots and Spots and all things girly!

I recently when on one of my latest buying sprees found these gorgeous hot pink bags with lovely pink and white co-ordintatin spotty handles.

Now those that know Never Forget and love our personalised baby baskets will be delighted that we can now offer a smaller gift in these gorgeous bags.

Two of them have gone out today and both with the Name Chloe! Last week we had three baby boy baskets ordered, all with the name Freddie!

Each gift bag shown contains one of our lovley pink teddy satin edged compforters which of course is personalised. If you are not familiar with the concept of a comforter they are given to the Mum to sleep with which then takes on her smells. Then it is used as a comforter for your baby.

We have also added our truly scrunptious girly socks. These really are just too cute and the picture does not do them justice, what is even more fab is the bottom of the socks are personalised with little angel.

The bag is then finished off with a lovely personalised bib.

Please go and view these on the site.


  1. Thank you Jane! Looking forward to seeing all your new 'treasures!'