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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Design your own baby basket

We all love babies and we all love to wish the lady at work all the very best when she sadly leaves the work-place to go on maternity leave. So we rush around with the collection and the card, what do we buy? Gift vouchers! great idea but sadly does not have the OOOH and AWWWWW factor when you hand over a envelope!

Well we may have just the solution to this tricky problem. Never Forget are proud to announce that we have just added our 'design your own baby basket to our range'. Priced to suit every budget, from £25.00 upto whatever you decide, we will happily make a bespoke baby basket for you and deliver it safely to its final desitination.

So what if the new arrival has not yet arrived? Well fear not, remember those gift vouchers, well we will supply a personalised gift voucher, with examples of what can be ordered complete with pictures of some example baskets. So when the new arrival does make his/her appearance we can tailor make the basket then. However we can make baskets suitable for either a boy or girl, so if you just can;t wait, we will be happy to help.

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