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Sunday, December 12, 2010

December - and looking forward to 2011

Well we are now heading towards the middle of December and once Christmas has passed we will all have a New Year to look forward to.

However 2010 is not over yet and for most this is the busiest fortnight, presents to pick and wrap,cards to written and food to be ordered and generally a frantic time of getting your house in order.

Please remember that there are lots of people in your house, so please delegate, this really is a stressful time but with planning and help it can be much more FUN! Last year, myself and the children prepped all of the vegetables on Christmas Eve and prepared puddings etc, it certainly made a HUGE difference.

As soon as breakfast was over on Christmas morning, they all laid the table for Christmas Dinner. This allowed us to have more family together time and no one person was doing most of the work.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas time, please take time to be with the people you love, take lots of pics and if you have elderly neighbours then please ensure that they are also OK.

If you think this makes me see very organised, please note, today I will be wrppaing final presents, decorating the house including putting up the tree, writing cards and making my Christmas cake!

I wish you all everything you wish for yourself and would like to Thank everyone who has made this year so fabulous, lots of learning curves for me, have met some amazing people and shared some great 'creative' times. I have found some new creative people who hopefully in 2011 I can showase there talents on my website. If you are a crafty/creative person and do not havve an outlet to sell your wares, please get in touch.

Kindest Regards
Best Wishes to You and Yours
Ellie xx


  1. Hope you have a great Christmas and a fabulous 2011 too Ellie. All the best for the future.

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2011!

  3. A belated Thank You! Still getting used to this blogging thing! lol xx