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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final comp for my followers on my blog!

Please leave a comment to win one of these!
If you want a BOY's name we will do this in a Times Roman Font!
Please Note you must follow our blog to enter competiton drawn on Monday so we can get this sack in the post!


  1. I know a new little boy of 6 months who would love one of these for his very first Christmas!
    Would make anyone happy to have one of these for Santa to fill!

  2. This would be lovely for all my daughter's pressies. Although the one in the photo is my doggie's name - she'd be over the moon with a sack like that filled with chewbones!!

  3. This is lovely! I'd love to give this to my best friend for her son's presents, he'd be so excited!

  4. Well Done Ladies, Ann, Miss Lizzie and Rhoda - can;t choose just one so you can all WIN! please let me have the names you require. Kind Regards Ellie x

  5. Oh lovely! Thank you so very much! So kind of you. I'll drop you an email, but could I please have "Jonny" on mine? Thanks again.xx

  6. OOh, thanks for this!! Didn't think to check to see if I had won!! Will email you x