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Saturday, April 2, 2011

This is not just any waistcoat, this is a handmade, designed by Jacaranda waistcoat............

When we think of our wardrobe and what we have in it, I bet like me over 50% of your present wardrobe is not worn (now come on be honest!!!!).

As a dressmaker and someone that can sew, I suppose my wardrobe should be right and correct, but like most people, I'm good at providing for others but not so good at sorting out myself.  So apart from the odd spat of wardrobe weeding when I feel virtuous and a trip to charity shops beckons, I suppose like most I really do need to sort this out.

So if you think of a 'capsule wardrobe', say perhaps 12 items could you do it?  Mine would be smart evening trousers, a lightweight jacket or cardigan, two shirts, two t shirts a pair of casual trousers one skirt two dresses,   a jumper, a coat and a waistcoat  Yes you heard right a waistcoat.

Waistcoats are timeless, yet so useful, they can be mixed and matched, used to make a statement or quite simply turn a simple casual outfit into something classic.

Now I'm not talking about a gilet or a denim waistcoat (don;t get me started on denim waistcoats!) I'm talking about a classic timeless piece of tailoring.  Now please don' t all run off to re-mortgage your house.  Yes you can go to the extreme and really buy a timeless piece of tailoring say from Saville Row but you can also find some fabulous handmade one off creations on the Internet and you just need to look to find them.

A waistcoat is a statement piece, it should say a lot about you, Look at Me, I feel bright and Happy, I love to look classic, I'm fun and frivolous, whatever the statement, your clothes should reflect you.

So please take a look at Jacaranda a great site which has some amazing waistcoats, here are a few that I love :-

This Liberty Tree of  Life design is really a classic, not only in design but fabric. It has classic navy lining and would be great over jeans, perfect with a skirt and could easily be dressed up or down.

This gold and black thread waistcoat really is timeless, imagine this with your favourite evening skirt or palazzo trousers.  Wouldn't this be stunning for a cruise or a special birthday! You can even choose your style of buttons, gold roses or black/gold enamel!

And my final favourite to indulge you with is this William Morris Esq inspired fabric (who incidentally is one of my favourite designers!)

The care and attention to detail is fabulous, look how the poppies have been matched, now that really is tailoring at its best.

So go on, indulge yourself, add a classic piece of tailoring to your wardrobe (capsule or not!) and just see how many more items you can wear.

To be inspired or to buy please take a look at the other waistcoats available at Jacaranda, just follow this link

I would love you to comment on your favourite and to share on FB and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but just one person who loves to sew, praising the work of another artisan.  Thank You.


  1. Those waistcoats are absolutely beautiful, Ellie. I can see why you love them.They would be lovely to wear at weddings, don't you think? I had a fleecy hat made by Jacaranda when the snow was here and it is lovely.

  2. Hi sheffy, Thanks for joining in, yes they are lovely, she is very talented!