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Friday, April 1, 2011

Are you one in Four?

Did you know that one in four ladies in the UK are a size 18 or over!  Well its a fact!  And that almost 40% of the female population wear size 16.  (Info taken from Models of Diversity).

So with so many more curvy ladies (me being in the one in four brigade!) I was pleased to find select 16 plus a great website who not only supplies but celebrates the more curvaceous ladies!

I was fed up of trawling the high street  to be pushed into a minuscule changing room to find that actually the size on the hanger was not what I was trying on.  Then on the other hand,  I've never much liked the look of wearing my Grans curtains.  Yes I am curvy - but I'm also a Mum, Wife and actually I like to be smart and trendy!

They supply from a size 16 - 36 and cover Gothic, young, smart, modern, casual, dressy  so really items for any occasion.  I love there dresses  and think that everyone should have a maxi dress in the wardrobe, great for that summer Bar-b-Que and perfect to dress up for a night out.

Also a Shrug is the great accessory to bring life something in your wardrobe it can lift the colour or just add a whole new dimension.

If like me you love to be snugly in your pyjamas then they also have a great range.

So why not celebrate your curves and take a look!

Select16 Plus

This is not a sponsored post, just shouting loud and proud about being curvy and hopefully getting more people to feel the same.

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