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Friday, May 27, 2011

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its half term again!

Well we all have that feeling as busy Mums/Dads don;t we, Yes the upside is that its great as no school runs, so its easier to get around and its lovely to have your children at home. However most of us have only just recovered from the recent Bank Holidays and the extra one for the Royal Wedding.

The other un-certain thing is the weather !  Fabulous if we have loads of sunshine, but what do you do, if it is raining.  When my three were small, I had a 'making table' which they loved.  it was always set up, covered with a wipe down vinyl tablecloth and full of wondrous goodies! To be hones, I had just as much fun as them, as I would always make myself available to be 'creative' with them.
I mean, you always love glitter and bling, after all a girl can never have too much bling! and actually the boys enjoyed it too!  So how can you create a good making table?

My top tips would be to buy some basic items, but first and foremost that wipe down vinyl tablecloth, after all, you know in all the chaos things will get knocked over and spilt and pva glue always manages to get everywhere!

So once you have your table and a cover, lets think of what to put on it!  One of the first making things you can do is to make some storage container, now I don't want you to go out and buy them, I don;t even want you to use your best Tupperware!  Make them, empty ice cream cartons, butter cartons etc and decorate them! Now lets have some ideas for the type of things you can put on your 'making table'

Well I think tissue paper is always a good start! its colourful, tactile, can make fab flowers and the like and sounds great when scrunched up.

Now whilst I have my health and safety hat on, always use children's scissors after all, you do not want your kitchen scissors to disappear but more to the point you must make sure that small hands are sensible with scissors!

Pipe cleaners are great too, so many things you can made and do, and because you can bend them and make something, then tomorrow your fabulous cat could become a little cute dog!

And of course lets not forget the GLITTER! after all it has to be done, and children love all that sprinkling and mixing colour!

So with Fathers Day fast approaching, make it more personal and get the children to make cards, much more fun and it will keep them entertained!

We would love to see what you make and create! 

Also remember to display there artwork in the kitchen or on a wall, encouragement goes a long way!

For more ideas for more items to add to your making table, why not visit Rainbow Creations who can offer a great choice at good value and all delivered safely to your door!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, just happy to spread the word on a good reliable web site.

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  1. I would add a huge pile of old newspapers to your list for papier mache, some card for 3D sahpes e.g houses, scraps of fabric for collage and PVC glue plus a spreader. Buy a big carton and decant some into a margerine tub with lid!