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Thursday, June 2, 2011

So you think Social Networking is boring? ................ Think Again!

So you have a blog, you dip into Facebook , Twitter and Linked in and now you just sit and wait, and with a wing and a prayer you will have that Eureka moment and millions of followers!  Well, actually No it's just not like that, more or a case of what you put in, you will hopefully get out.

Like all Social Networking platforms, they all have there place and you need to 'pitch' what you are doing in a interesting and informative way, but how do you keep up with trends, what's the next 'best thing' and mingle amongst like minded people?

Well there is one site, that will grab you by your boot laces, have you marching for England! (and Scotland, and Wales and overseas!).  Ladies and Gents, let me me introduce you to SEND IN THE TROOPS! which strangely enough is not political, nothing to do with war or such like but a Fabulous site that empowers you to help each other.

So for a quick how to, pop over to the main page and look in the notes section for how to join (simply hit like !) how to march! you will then join other FB peeps and march together, and more importantly how to get marched on!

If you are marching, the 'SARGE' will advise which page you have to march onto, you like it leave a comment, and hopefully all likes get returned.  If you are chosen to be marched on then you can expect at least 200+ more likes overnight!

Now this is not for the feint hearted, Sarge runs a type squad and if you Can't keep up, you can go back and find the sites you missed, a list is always put up after each march.

Some quick top tips!  Keep your comments current, do not paste the same comment on each link as FB will see this as spamming!  Always sign in from your personal page and leave the likes/comments from your business page.

Now some facts:-
  • Send in the Troops is just over 3 months old and has over 8,600 followers!
  • Its empowering, you can meet and greet like minded people and share info etc.
  • If you want to know who can supply something, imagine having over 8,000 people that can help you!
  • It is actually great FUN!
  • It's one of the fastest growing, professional networking sites that is FREE!
So go, on join the Troops, dust off your Jimmy Choos ! get on that lipgloss and get marching!

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