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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paint Pot or Bunting?

You know how sometimes, you just need to brighten up a room, or perhaps have a special 'calm' place to sit and read. Well we can't always race off with the paint pot and brighten up that special place can we?

So my immediate and perfect answer is this years 'next best thing' bunting!
Its cheap, effective and can easily be put up or down.

Immediate uses that come to mind are:

  • Birthday parties
  • Garden parties
  • Children's bedrooms
  • Perfect in a shabby chic kitchen
  • Great to dress a sale table at craft fairs

So if you can't sew won't sew,  how do you find such swathes of loveliness to adorn your special place? 

Well how about looking at Creative Stitching who do some great bunting and guess what some of it is in the SALE!!!

on adjacent flags is now only £5.00/set!

One for the girls

Wouldn't that look great if you sold strawberries at markets or from your garden?

There are just so many to choose from, so why not go and take a look.

Bunting is the way to go and not a paint brush in sight!!


  1. The themed bedroom buntings for children are beautiful. I love the safari animals. Will be a great stocking filler for my little boy.

  2. Thanks Sue B.
    Yes they are lovely would be hard to choose just one though!