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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have You Ever seen a Cheese roll down a hill?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Alan Bamber from Bamber Sewing. So what I hear your cry, well actually, it was refreshing, a pleasant experience and also great to share some time with someone else who is also passionate about customer care, selling the right product to you and all of those other 'old fashioned’ sentiments that sadly for some are only in days gone by. 

Bamber Sewing has a great family history that has stood the testament of time, they have been trading since 1946! Good old fashioned customer service is built into everyone that works there, I’m sure if you chopped their heads off, you would have customer service embroided through every one of them like a stick of Blackpool Rock! 

They have a great department that can service your machine and if you take the time to visit the website and read Mr Bamber (Senior) blog you will understand exactly what foundation this company is built on. I was in stitches reading about how he had to make a delivery on his bicycle, but you will have to read it for yourself as he can tell it far better than me! The one thing that no-one can sell to  you is ‘caring’ and they all have it in bucket loads, They will give you honest advice, sell you exactly what you do need instead of what you think you want! You cannot buy the amount of expertise they have within their workforce and the fact you are one phone-call away makes them approachable no matter where you are based and yes they ship throughout the UK and beyond.

So now you get the idea, they are possibly one of the best kept secrets in Manchester. Their range of sewing, embroidery machines knows no bounds that, with a great range of accessories and haberdashery really does make this a one shop stocks all. 

Of course, in the times of a recession and make do and mend they are now reaching out to a very new band of customers, sewing machines are coming out from under stairs, out from the lofts and getting dusted off. So go on, visit your Nan or Gran get out that sewing machine and get making! Bamber’s can help you with any sewing notions, missing parts or even if you just want to  be  sure that your machine is safe and you need that machine checking over! From patterns to buttons, thread to bobbins they will have what you need. 

If you are a bit rusty or just want to learn a new skill, then please take a look at there workshop page, for details of up and coming courses,  which of course would make the most perfect Christmas Gift!

I personally love the range of Madeira Threads which I think are the best in the market, no thread breaks and a lovely sheen that makes everything you embroider simply look stunning!

So lets get started, with a great competition as  they have offered a perfect gift for one lucky winner. How would you like a sewing basket filled with all of those important essentials! 

So we now want to spread some sewing love, and the lovely folks at Bamber's  Sewing are giving away a fabulous sewing basket filled with all of those lovely things you will need to get your sewing mojo back! this prize is worth over £45 so how great will that be!

Its easy to enter, please view there facebook page  You do not have to like it, but of course we would love you to do that if you want to! so, go and look at the website and see exactly what you do like about it and of course if you want to get details of special offers then please do sign up to there newsletter

You will have one entry for any of the responses that you have said you like,  , one additional entry on Twitter and one for any retweet and one if you sign up to there newslettter!  So lots of opportunities to enter and win! If you enter via twitter, please respond with your Twitter ID, please leave your Id on the blog, say how you have entered and don’t forget to leave any comments on Facebook, I know that Alan and The Team would love to hear from your all! To comply with Facebook rules, you do not have sign upto Facebook to enter the competition, or like any of the pages to enter, we want as many entries as possible, so just leave your comments on this blog or an of the other ways to enter.

So leave your comments below to advise how and where you have entered and don't forget to go and say Hi to the team over on Facebook!

The winner will be chosen on 17th December by random .org so you can be sure to have the prize in time for Christmas! Enjoy, and Good Luck!

Oh,  I nearly forgot, about that cheese rolling down a hill, I dare you not to have a chuckle when you read this!


  1. Well, used to live in Cheltenham and they had annual cheese rolling!! :-)

  2. Great blog - I would never have heard of Bambers otherwise, but will definitely be giving them a go now!

    I will tweet my entry from grow_your_own1, I love the range of courses offered and the fact that they have online sewing guides for those of us who need some help sometimes!

  3. Aww thanks for that, yes its a great site, I think we all need some help sometimes! Good Luck in the comp and thanks for your reply!

  4. Ann, perhaps Mr Bamber Snr was in training for the cheese rolling at an early age! Thank you for your reply x

  5. I''ve done a couple fo workshops there & loved it :-)

  6. Didn't realise they are on Facebook, so have had a nose & 'liked' the page, thanks for letting me know about it! :-)

  7. Well done Madscouser, Yes lovely people and they do have some great courses! yes spread the word about their facebook page please oh and good luck in the competition!