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Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Well this is my first attempt at a blog hop and also to take part in reasons to be cheerful.

Well here goes;-

Firstly I have re-connected with a great friend via Facebook and we are going to meet up  for a coffee very soon, just need to get our diaries together.  We met years ago via a networking group, as we changed our careers we lost contact.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am and I know it will be like we have never been apart.

2.  I joined the WI! which is it own is mammoth for me.  However the group I have joined is very empowering, a mixture of ages (more younger than me may I add!)

3. Tomorrow we have Nanny and Grandpa coming over for lunch - which will be great, I love that fact it will be very cold outside and we will be warm and comfy inside watching football on the TV (if it is not cancelled due to bad weather!) No roast dinner for us though, I'm cooking curry (at there request). Also making a brand new cake recipe.


  1. Some great reasons and welcome to the #R2BC club

  2. Lovely to have you join in with #R2BC. Hope your weekend with the grandparents was fab.

    Mich x