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Monday, April 19, 2010

Buy a cake? Make Your Own? Use a Cake Mix????

No I have't lost the plot and decided that I'll turn this into the next Cookery Blog (although I could be tempted!).

You know when you wake up and you feel all virtuous and you think, I'll bake a cake and then life takes over and you think, Oh no haven't got time, I'll buy one and then you feel well thats not what I wanted so you decide to compromise and use a cake mix! ............ Well welcome to the Betty Crocker of the sewing world!


So Why I hear you cry? Well if you really can';t decide on the fabric and you haven't got time to check which sewing notions you have got and those you haven;t fear not! Sewbox do it all for you with there sewing kits. They also offer a choice of designs so you won;t find everyone else in exactly the same as you. If you are new to sewing and all those technical terms make you run for the nearest off the peg option, then this will be your easy peasy lemon squeezy, moment. Simply decide which one you want, choose the fabric and wait for the lovely postie to bring it straight to you door. Howver the other side of the coin, this could be the bestest present for all of those friends that just need to get back into sewing!!!!!!!!!!

Want to win one? Simply log onto the site and see details of the competion, no purchase necessary and two great packs available as prizes! So go on, What are you waiting for? Good Luck!

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