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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year - New You?

Well firstly Happy New Year to you All! I hope you celebrated the New Year in Style and over the last few weeks spent some quality time with family and friends.

So who has set New Year Resolutions? Well not me! Is that a sign of age? I wonder, actually I am happy with me, my motto in life as a premature baby I was not quite finished, a bit like a nearly baked cake! And as I always say to my sisters if I had been fully baked, I would have been six foot six and a supermodel! So I will not be joining the gym to go mad for two weeks and then have every excuse under the sun never to return and work out that each day that I did go cost a small fortune!

However, I do have a few small goals, to keep more in touch with friends and family, I am rubbish at this at the moment! To get better organised and to carry on de-cluttering the house.

I am also going to bake more, and actually sort out my freezers to start 'cooking ahead'.

My husband bought me a fab new digital slr camera for Christmas and I am going to take more walks with our dog buster and also take more photographs! I have already been snapping away and made some collages of family over the christmas time. I will also keep on getting prints of photos as I do not want to just be able to view them on my computer!

So a happy wealthy, fun fillled 2011 to you all.

Kindest Regards



  1. I like your New Year's resolutions Ellie and wish you luck with them!