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Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm joining Magpie Monday!

Magpie Monday

Liz from the Blog Me and My Shadow started a great item entitled Magpie Monday which I think is inspiring for three reasons.  It gets more people recycling and helping charity shops, it keeps things away from land-fill and hopefully it makes us all upcylce and think more about the longevity of items we buy.

Its all about finding that thing that makes us smile, a bargain, something that we can change or just something that is usefull or beautifull to us.  Like the saying goes, one persons trash is another ones treasure!

So last week whilst in town, I remembered about Magpie Monday and whilst coming out the arcade I waved at one of my crafty friends (as in very artistic and not sly or anthing like that!).  Well he was volunteering in the YMCA shop which is on a very short lease! So I popped in to say hello and then remembered Magpie Monday.  The items I purchased were all priced up may I add so no special favours from knowing someone!  However I believe I got some real bargains!

So here is what I bought!

This is actually a pure silk tablecloth - I loved the colours and design which is very William Morris esque! it will adorn one of our small cafe tables in the garden in the summer, probably at our pary to celebrate the Royal Wedding after all it is red white and blue!  Now you will not believe what I paid for it.......................  £1.49!

My second item was a pair of Henri Lloyd Jeans which were brand new, now I have to confess I did not buy these as they were jeans (even designer ones at that!) but I bought them as I needed to make a under bust corset for a friend to wear at a fancy dress event.  I had looked at buying cotton drill, but at £9.99 /metre I thought the jeans were perfect, the fabric definately had some weight to it and it was ideal.  The jeans were also a bargain and  were £3.49.   Please Note; this item was only for fancy dress, so I was not going to be a purist about it and bone the corset or anything like that, afer all it was only going to be worn for one night.  When it came to it, I could not cut them and so instead I used a crepe skirt that was destined to go to the charity shop.

So these are going back to the chairty shop this morning!  To be sold again!

And my old skirt turned into this.................

When I drafted the pattern for the corset, my pattern drafting software asked me if I was sure about the dimensions!  Which did make me laugh, my friend is very petite! and as it was an underbust corset it only needed to be 7 inches long!   So that is my first Magpie Monday.  I have sorted out a large sack of clothes from my childrens wardrobes so when I go off on my adventures this week, with the jeans then hopefully I can find some more treasures.  Good Luck everyone else with Magpie Monday I look forward to seeing what everyone else seeks out!


  1. Thank You TheSyders - yes can;t wait to see it out in the garden with a lovely cake stand and of course lots of fairy cakes!

  2. Thanks so much for joining in! A fellow Bedfordian, looks like i have competition in those shops! Maybe we should combine forces and hit the town one day?!

    I love that tablecloth, what a steal for pure silk. It's a beautiful design too.

    I so envy your sewing skills, there's so many more possibilities when you are able to alter and make things from fabric. xx

  3. Awww Thank Liz thats very kind, Anyone can sew! its a huge myth that it is difficult! Or its the fault of horrid Aunts/ Sewing Teachers that put so many off for life! Luckily I had the wonderful Mrs Shepherd who totally inspired me! You may have to come and play on my machines! You would be amazed what you can do! Shopping together sounds a good plan after half term would be good!

  4. The tablecloth is gorgeous what a fantastic bargain!

  5. That is a stunning tablecloth and I am really trying to believe you that 'anyone can sew'. Yes I can sew in the very basic sense but the things I make never turn out quite how I picture!

  6. ooooh! The tablecloth is too die for . I am loving all the new people I am coming across thanks to Magpie Monday xx

  7. Miss Daisy Crafts thanks for stopping by, Yes I oculd not believe it, and the fact it is pure silk was the added bonus!

    Qwerty Mum, Oh yes anyone can sew - because if I can anyone can!

    Thanks Karen, Yes I am too inspired by all the finds - just shows lots of bargains to be had out there, you just need to find them! Looking forward to next week and seeing what everyones 'treasures' look like!

  8. Hi Ellie
    Found you via bmb. I own a shop Love Me Again in South East London, which although not a charity shop, certainly has the same ethos of giving used items a new lease of life. We deal with kids clothes and toys as well as new and I have definitley found a new appreciation for old/vintage items that are beautful or can be made beautiful. I blog at

  9. Hi Ellie, the tablecloth is lovely and I'm in awe of your sewing skills.

    I had to laugh at a previous post of yours where you mention your daughter's floordrobe! My daughter's got one of those!

  10. I love the tablecloth and cannot believe the price you paid. I would put it on display at all times as so very lovely.
    Your sewing skills are inspirational but I could not do it myself.
    My charity shop raids feature over at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com

  11. I love that tablecloth and if you have any hints on making a corset for a pirate costume, they'd be gratefully recieved ;o)

    Loving the 'Magpie Monday' thing. I bought a thimble for 50p but that was today; does that make it Toucan Tuesday???