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Sunday, February 20, 2011

So you just Loooove Knitted things - but you just can't knit?

Like many of my fellow crafters, friends assume that because I can 'sew' then I am naturally crafty and artistic, well as much as this label makes me smile, it's actually not true.  My idea of painting resembles something on the lines of LS Lowry apart from mine would not have any of the fabulous buildings etc.  just lots of matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs!

It was with huge excitement that I found this great new concept of Knitted online
website, not only do you get to see some great new designs and also have the opportunity o buy the pattern or the product!  This way you really are getting something unique and to your own personal taste.

I love hand knitted or machine knitted items, I feel they add a very new dimension to your home. A handknitted cushion cover can lift the most dreary corner chair or sofa for very little outlay and can therefore turn a everyday item into a work of art.
The Baby Mittens are adorable and I was simply spoilt for choice with the range of scarves.

love handsLovely

It was very refreshing to see lots of new designs available and hopefully the site will grow and add new items.  Why not take a look, its inspiring!

This is a honest and personal review of site:  http://www.knittedonline.com/ I did not receive any payment or free merchandise, just simply one site trying to promote another!  I do not know or are personally related to anyone involved in the site.


  1. What a great site, must pop over and have a look. Love you blog theme.

  2. Thank You! Mummy Needs yes I love that site also soo many lovely things!