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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not a jelly or ice-cream in sight!

Well our household was busy this week, not only because it was half-term and three teenagers are off, but also two family birthdays, My husband Mark and also my youngest daughter!  So lots of cooking, drinking and celebrating.

Mark's birthday meal was a no brainer,  he just loves curry!  So he had a very very hot  homemade chicken madras and the children had there much loved butter chicken.  Whilst making Marks Madras, I had run out of my favourite chilli sauce and so thankfully my brother had been in Portugal the week before and had sent me piri piri sauce, it was perfect! and I think added a whole new flavour dimension, not that I tasted any as I have been a vegetarian for over 35 years!  But Mark approved so all was well!

I made my rice in my Jamie Oliver rice cooker which is just like having another pair of hands and if rice is your Achilles heel then this is definitely worth buying!

Charlotte's Party was a whole new ball game, by my choosing may I add!  I decided that as she is growing up, a more sophisticated approach should be had, after all she was hitting the dizzy heights of 14!

So her birthday tea was home-made coated chicken with fresh salad and wraps.  (This was after they watched a movie in the lounge with the biggest bowl of popcorn I have ever made!)  I think they really like the chicken and wraps idea, I had to re-make a further  four portions!  This is all that was left when they had finished.
The puddings were  :-

Chocolate Coated Strawberries, and a  tower of treats which included lots of cupcakes, fairy cakes and lots and lots of glitter, sparkles and edible Justin Bieber's (see bottom layer of cakes!)

I also bought Charlotte the most fabulous glitter edged pink roses which she had on her table!

I was both tired and emotional at the end of the day, they all had a lovely day, but deep inside I felt a bit sad, she is growing up and although I do not miss party games, party bags and all of that jazz, such a grown up gathering brought the message home that she is now a young lady, but no matter what she will always be my baby!

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  1. Wonderful food and a wonderful time had by all.