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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Once upon a time.............................

Once upon a time there was a Young Princess who just would not keep her 'palace' tidy!

She actually had a floordrobe and all of her lovely sparkly shiny things would be left all over the floor!

Well, this was just no way for a gorgeous princess to behave!

So distraught with this constant mess and seeing how sad there little princess was, it was decided that a jolly good de-clutter and visit by the 'tidy-fairy' was needed!

So the date was set, and the de-cluttering begun.  Lots of sparkly things and dresses that were too long, too short, too big or too small were sent off to Freecycle  with lots of books and toys which made the Princess very happy to know that lots of other people could share her lovely things and hopefully that would make them all smile too!

A new lovely white wardrobe was bought and matching drawers together with some designer wallpaper!  It was all looking rather fabulous, but the princess was still not completely happy.

The walls were painted (actually four times! - What was her mummy thinking of by painting it blue previously!) The paper put up and new bedding bought from Sainsbury's.

It was now looking much more like a bedroom fit for a Princess but oh Dear,  her smile was still not complete!

So the next thing was to accessorise!

What could they buy?   They had spent so much of the family funds on new furniture etc.  Where would they find something to make her smile every day?  They all thought long and hard and they all were still very puzzled.  When suddenly they remembered and knew they had found the perfect thing!

So they bought it on-line and within a few days the postman came!  It was so exciting, they could hardly contain themselves!  They found the perfect spot and put it up on the wall !

Every day she smiled and it smiled back!  Even when she was feeling sad, it always smiled back and eventually she would smile back too!

Smile and I will always Smile Back!
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So if you want to transform your Prince or Princess's little palace then take a look at Mirroin for a great range of fun and funky children's mirrors which are safe, fun, practical and great value for money!

Disclaimer: And the moral of the story is keep your room tidy or even a little Princess could be named and shamed!


  1. I have an 18 year old very untidy princess,I wonder if she would like that smiley mirror as it is rather fab!.

  2. Loved this post! Like the idea of "smile and smile back". Works with people too!

  3. I think you are never to old to be a Princess Caroline! Thanks Sheffy! yes I agree, smile and and the whole world smiles with you!
    Best Wishes

  4. Hi Ellie,

    I just discovered you on some random old review from 2009 on the Evolve Serger!!!! I am looking into buying one soon.....Lovely blog by the way.